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John Luke Eastman

John Luke Eastman is a Southern California artist whose unique style and creative outputs began to gain attention during the mid-sixties in California. Notable collectors then included celebrities such as Raquel Welch, Liza Mineli, Barbara Anderson and Tony Perkiness. By the early seventies the name EASTMAN has gradually found its way into most major galleries across the country. The momentum is accelerating now towards the international scene ...Japan, South America, Middle East and European countries area all receiving his works with great enthusiasm.
A graduate of UCLA with a degree in graphic arts, he was successful fashion illustrator and art director for prestigious department store in L. A. before turning his full attention to fine art. Over the part decade he has created and mastered the unique style that is currently found in his limited edition silk-screen graphics. A versatile artist, who has illustrated many record and book covers he refers to his style as "the 5th dimension" or "beautiful distortion". The qualities he seeks to impart through his works are fluidity of movement, a feeling of spatiality, weightlessness and beautiful color. 
His artworks have been in a lot of shows across the country. He recently had show at Celux (Louis Vuitton membership exclusive salon), Rocket in Tokyo and at Sola Design in Los Angeles.

Original Paint "Two Graces" by John Luke Eastman

1. What's most important about your art work?

 I would say the creation of beauty. The beauty and spirituality of line and color… Color is a very important part of my work. It is a study of beautiful color combinations and the beautiful passages from the Psalms and the Bible and from life.


2. What or who influences your art?

 I am influence by graphic and fashion art as well as fashion photography and illustration. Also, artisits like Edouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard and the French Impressionists, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Henri Matisse. The beauty of the figure, the human element, religion. "High Fashion" art in general. Also, newspaper fashion artwork of the 60s like from the department store Joseph Magnin’s.


3. What is LOVE to you?
 To me its perfection. Life and beauty.


4. How do you live with LOVE & PEACE?
 Through creation of my art. Long hours and long patience creating my artwork. I’m more of a visual person so that is how I communicate with people.


5. Do you have any message (for your fans)?
 The recognition of beauty and line and color. Respond to it and be comforted by looking at my artwork. My artwork is accompanied by beautiful passages from the scriptures as a meaning and definition of what I do.

5questions about John Luke Eastman

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